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    Cocochata Body Beverage

    Turn your body from desert 🏜to dessert 👅. Our activating moisturizer is a combination of cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil + a light horchata blend of oils that leaves your skin hydrated and smelling like heaven 😍. Crafted in California for your bod and the one(s) you share it with.


    *Cocochata will liquify at 76 degrees and that’s A-Ok! Dip in and spread well.*

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    Horchata Candle

    A cinnamon-sprinkled combination of the finest soy and coconut waxes hand-poured in Los Angeles, California that evokes our love for our favorite beverage. Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, your Horchata Candle will turn into a whiskey glass after all the wax has been melted and wiped clean.

    Enjoy FREE SHIPPING + FREE Horchata Lip Balm

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    Horchata Lip Balm



    Beverage inspired, your fresh Horchata Lip Balm was crafted in small batches for your lips and the ones you share them with. It goes on creamy like your first sip and never gets watered down. From the lift to the lineup, it’s made to stay on and last long in the harshest environments. Our all-natural ingredients are hand-picked to protect and moisturize with an untinted, no-gloss application in a 0.15oz oval tube that won’t roll away. You don’t need a straw to taste the flavor and feel the tingle of cinnamon, leaving an unforgettable trace on whatever your lips touch. And even though it makes a big impact on your senses, we do our best to make sure that it doesn’t on the environment by using recycled packaging materials. Crafted under the Southern California sun.


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    Horchata Lumber (2 Tins – 50 Sticks Per Tin)

    These are the SIN-MIN Sticks you’ve been trying to get between your teeth. Little bit of sweet with a little bit of heat. Made from 100% American white birch wood and flavored naturally close to the California coast.

    2 tins of SIN-MIN Sticks. Approx 50 pc/tin.

    Infused with: coconut oil*, cinnamon bark oil*, liquid stevia*, vanilla extract*.          *Organic.

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    SIN-MIN Shade

    Just in time for summer…

    SIN-MIN Shade ⛱

    A hand-crafted, organic formula for your face that stays on and last long to keep you protected under the ☀. Tan-tinted in an easy-2-apply stick made from ♻ plastic. Crafted and tested in the waters of CA by some tip top water dwellers. #BringYourOwnShade #HorchataOnYourFace