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    Cocochata Body Beverage

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    Turn your body from desert 🏜to dessert 👅. Our activating moisturizer is a combination of cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil + a light horchata blend of oils that leaves your skin hydrated and smelling like heaven 😍. Crafted in California for your bod and the one(s) you share it with.


    *Cocochata will liquify at 76 degrees and that’s A-Ok! Dip in and spread well.*

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    Cocochata Lip Balm

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    Cocochata is what you get when you combine the tropical flavors of coconut with the sweet cinnamon creaminess of horchata. Packaged in a slim .07oz tube, #CocochataLipBalm packs in some serious flavor and hydration for you lips! Crafted with all-natural ingredients on the California coast. For your lips and the ones you share them with.