The first natural deodorant I’ve tried that actually keeps you smelling great all day! ★★★★★


Really feeling this deodorant!! I had a gnarly workout yesterday and my pits smelled so MF good at the end - any other day they would have smelled like sh*t! 5 stars *****

@couryj SIN-MIN deodorant customer

Bought it...came really thing to spend money on 🧡"

@the.mist.of.mikey Horchata lip balm customer

This is my favorite f*cking candle ever"

@chelsea_holman Horchata Candle customer

Ima smack this sh*t on my lips every time I bite into a taco"

Ariana Alaniz Horchata Lip Balm customer

I got my package a few days ago. I've tested everything out and I'm extremely happy! Thank you for the Churro Lip Scrub as well!"

@mancinas282 Cocochata Body Beverage customer

I'm usually skeptical about companies like this, but ya'll are freaking incredible! I bought some of the toothpicks and you kindly threw in the lip balm too. That's all I want to use from now on!"

@jordantenenbaum Horchata lumber customer

The lip balm and candles are consistently in my top 5 best-selling products year round!"

@shoptikigirl Wholesale account

Horchata Lumber toothpicks by SIN-MIN are much better than I actually anticipated! I personally don't like cinnamon toothpicks because they are way too strong for me. These provide a nice sweet flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Perfect! "

Brandon Blackmon Horchata Lumber Customer

My wife is fully addicted to the Horchata Lip Balm. In fact it was involved in the conception of my daughter, so good work."

Ed Solt very satisfied customer